From B2B to B2C: Transformation and Development of the Rainmaker Group, the Preferred Investment in the Retail Market
2021-08-02 12:00:00

2021.8.2 -- The Rainmaker Quantum Group, a financial technology company established in 1998, has always operated as a B2B business, or Business to Business, providing technology that automates the entire transaction cycle and seamlessly integrates with custody solutions and core banking systems to offer diversified connections and executions for banks. Their solutions also include order and execution management as well as algorithmic trading for buyer transactions. This means that the company's customers are mainly institutions, not individual investors. In other words, the Rainmaker Group does not directly sell products to individual investors but provides technology and services to help other financial institutions better manage and invest their assets. As a B2B enterprise, the Rainmaker Quantum Group's customers include banks, fund companies, securities firms, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.
The advantage of the B2B model is that it can provide specialized services and efficient solutions to clients. As the Rainmaker Quantum Group focuses on providing technology and services to financial institutions, it can gain deeper insights into their needs and develop customized solutions that fit them better. In addition, the B2B model can help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and better manage and control risks.

Although the Rainmaker Quantum Group has always operated as a B2B business, it has gradually begun planning to enter the B2C market since 2021. The Rainmaker Quantum Group has launched a gold trading product for retail customers in the retail market, called the "Divine Quantum Strategy," which marks the company's official entry into the B2C market. Through this retail customer market, the company believes that it can expand its customer base. This foray into the B2C market can help the Rainmaker Group take a big step towards reaching a total asset scale of 30 billion, while also providing customers with more choices and convenience, ushering in a new era of intelligent investment. Although the Rainmaker Group has always operated as a B2B business, the company has been committed to bringing the most advanced technology and services to clients, whether they are institutional clients or individual investors, providing intelligent investment services to meet their needs.
The Divine Quantum investment strategy of the Rainmaker Quantum Group is tailored to retail investors. The strategy uses an AI intelligent quantitative trading system that can avoid all human risks, minimize risks, and maximize profits. The primary investment tool provided to retail customers is gold. The Rainmaker Quantum Group will only design different investment tool strategies when dealing with financial institutions that require customization based on their needs.
Finally, the Rainmaker Group hopes to gain more market share, bring more investment opportunities to investors, and help achieve larger total asset scale, higher profitability, and stronger risk management capabilities through the new product Divine Quantum gold trading product.