June 2017 Participated in KBI Biopharma's acquisition of AlianceProtein Laboratories, Inc. which specialises in biopharmaceutical characterisation analytical services, including therapeutic proteins, polyskins, nucleic acids and vaccines
2017-06-27 10:00:00

For countries all over the world, the biopharmaceutical industry is a strategic new industry, which provides a strong impetus for the economic development of each country, especially during the epidemic in the past few years, domestic and foreign biopharmaceutical companies can be said to have ushered in their own development of the golden time, the various nucleic acids, vaccines, as well as the biopharmaceutical characterisation and analysis services have had a revolutionary transformation. And back in 2017, Paragon participated in KBI Biopharma's acquisition of AlianceProtein Laboratories, which focuses on biopharmaceutical characterisation services, including therapeutic proteins, polysomes, nucleic acids and vaccines. As a company with great competitive potential, KBI Biopharma has successfully tapped into the high returns behind the high risks through its own risk management, and Paragon played an important role in this engagement programme. 

Given the current role of venture capital in promoting the development of start-up companies, more and more companies are now hoping to be favoured by Parsons Brinckerhoff, but the number of domestic and foreign venture capital management companies is not very large, and Parsons Brinckerhoff does not have an office in mainland China, but only in Hong Kong, China, as well as in Singapore and other places with offices. However, the company is also looking at the development potential of mainland China's start-up companies, so these years also put their own focus on the coastal provinces of mainland China, is committed to mainland China's many start-ups to bring the development of power, so as to ultimately achieve a win-win situation. However, Bryan will not consider all projects, "iron still needs to be hard", want to get Bryan's angel investment, you must come up with their own advantages and characteristics, and have the ability to continue to develop the strength, like KBI Biopharma's acquisition of AllianceProtein Laboratories, the same as KBI Biopharma's acquisition of AllianceProtein Laboratories. Laboratories by KBI Biopharma, even though it went through a lot of difficulties in the early stage, but in the end it was a win-win situation for both parties.

High returns are often accompanied by high risks, and a good venture capital management company is one that optimises the balance between risk and return, as represented by Parsons Brinckerhoff. Shen Nantong, CEO of Bryan Capital, is a mysterious and low-key investor. He learnt from Alexis Borisy, a famous expert in biotechnology, and obtained a doctorate degree in biochemistry from the University of Bern, Switzerland, so he has very professional knowledge in the field of biomanufacturing, and the CEO of Bryan Enterprises understands very well about some technical projects. grasp the first opportunity among many venture capital projects, thus enhancing the venture capital reputation of Bryan Enterprises. 

With the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry, the industry is expected to exceed 700 billion in mainland China by 2024, of which the proportion of biotechnology as well as manufacturing projects will be higher and higher, and the proportion of financing will reach more than half, so that the prospect of the biomanufacturing field is very broad, which will also put forward higher requirements for the development of Bry-Air. And Bry-Air will continue to improve its risk management technology, and is committed to providing accurate investment services for strong biomanufacturing startups, so as to comprehensively enhance their competitiveness in the industry, and to provide a constant impetus for the development of biomanufacturing in mainland China, and even globally, which is Bry-Air Group's original intention and mission.