Whether SolaRoad is worth investing in from technology, market and ecological depth analysis
2023-04-17 20:30:00

Recently, with the official launch of SolaRoad, a global AI supercomputing supply platform, it has sparked widespread buzz in the AI field, and its community of users covering millions of people is also talking about it. Needless to say, SolaRoad's recent buzz is unstoppable, and many users have seen mentions of it on the blogs of big V. In order to analyze the project prospect of SolaRoad to the general users, here I will analyze whether SolaRoad is worth investing from an objective perspective of technology, market and application depth.

First of all, it is the CEO "Edward" who appears in the promotional materials of SolaRoad. I have to say that Edward's resume is indeed very gorgeous, and according to the information, he has indeed been focusing on the AI field for many years. In addition, in his introduction, there are actually a lot of work experience similar to "founding a cloud computing company and joining PFN Institute", but for those who have doubts about Edward's personal history, SolaRoad officially gave a reply in the Link. As you can see, Edward holds a master's degree in computer science from MIT. During his college years, Edward was an outstanding computer science student who worked at the MIT Computer Lab and participated in the development and implementation of several innovative projects. He has been working to build a leading global cloud computing service provider since as early as 2010, and continues to expand into artificial intelligence and blockchain.

In addition, Edward is a very good at catching the wind. This AI boom is different from that of ten years ago, after ten years of industry technology accumulation and massive capital investment, the low-threshold, high-intelligence, high-availability AI is at the critical point of full explosion. the fastest growing consumer app in history in terms of users. According to mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower, it took TikTok 9 months to break 100 million users, while Instagram took 2 years.

SolaRoad is another product of Edward, which is a centralized supercomputing equipment supply level based on 20 countries and regions around the world, and SolaRoad has incomparable inherent advantages compared with traditional computing power distribution centers. SolaRoad gives full play to the advantages of resources from SolaDigital Foundation and HPE America to optimize the allocation of computing power resources and improve the efficiency of computing power usage from a global perspective.

If this news is true, SolaRoad's technology is very "explosive" in the whole technology circle. You know, the bottleneck that GPT is currently facing is the problem of insufficient supply of computing power, and SolaRoad can solve one of the problems, which will be the world's first supercomputing public chain that can realize this technology!

If SolaRoad is really so advanced, its future market prospect will be superb! In fact, at first, I had the idea that SolaRoad had falsified the information of the team members, and even questioned it in the community, but later on, I clicked on Stanislaw V ysotsky's collage and saw that he had graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada, so he had "participated in the initial construction of ETH with Vitalik Buterin during his university years. This makes it particularly plausible that he was involved in the initial construction of the ETH with Vitalik Buterin while at university. After graduating, Stanislaw V ysotsky joined Google as a software development engineer, responsible for developing and optimizing algorithms for Google's search engine. He was then invited by Vitalik Buterin to join the Ether Foundation as a technology development manager. Together with Gavin Wood, he wrote the "Yellow Book", a technical specification for Ether, and Solidity, a high-level language for smart contract design and development.

In fact, the threshold of SolaRoad's arithmetic leasing is not high, and we have asked the community about it, and it doesn't take much USDT to participate in it, so we think we can participate in it for a long time.

Overall, as we have been saying all along, it is up to you to judge the investment, after all, technology ahead of its time has always been controversial. I hope SolaRoad is not just a spoiler, but a real game breaker.